Making the Tough Choices

“Mom, will you play a game with me?” The voice was muffled from his distance outside my bedroom and the sleep still clouding my ears. I slowly rolled over and checked the clock: ten minutes until my alarm would go off. I think I grunted in response but my feet found the cool hardwood floor […]


I’m the mom that teachers probably groan about.  Because when I take J to school or pick him up, I tend to dawdle. I linger in the classroom and answer questions, watch gymnastic moves, listen to songs or clap for dances.  I hang out on the play mat and witness the miracle of these little […]

Let’s Call a Dog a Dog

Before I had J, my dog AJ was my baby. He went everywhere with me from the time he was a just a tiny pup: to class at UNC, to any and every vacation, to all the various places I lived.  If AJ wasn’t welcome, I didn’t go. At Christmas, he had a stocking and […]

New School

If you ask J how he’s enjoying his new school, he says he loves it.  He describes his days as “great” and both days he’s come home exhausted.  So it seems silly, I guess, that I’m still so nervous about how he’s adjusting. On Monday, when I got there to pick him up, he was […]

People tell you babies grow fast and that you’ll blink your eyes and they’ll be grown. But when you’re pacing the floor for the seventh sleepless night in a row with a screaming baby latched onto your breast, you find it so hard to believe. Time moves so slowly then, counted in the seconds it […]

Encouragement in the Strangest of Places

When I got to daycare today, one of the other moms was dropping off her son.  He’s a little older than J but not by much, and they’re in the same class at school.  We made small talk about being single in Macon (she’s recently remarried) and she joked that men would be lining up […]

Ordinary Magic

“Thank you for making the horses, and thank you for the cows,” he turned and looked over at me, “It’s your turn now, Mommy!” I figured we were on an animal kick in our prayers so I chimed in: “And thank you for the fish.” “Yeah! And thank you for the sharks,” he was giggling […]

Chasing Cars

We’ll do it all, everything, on our own. We don’t need anything or anyone. When I first got divorced, I would sing Snow Patrol to J as a lullaby, lying next to him, forehead to forehead, and trying not to cry.  I would watch his eye lids flutter closed as my voice cracked and broke, pooling beside of […]

Growing a Rose

Make no mistake, getting a divorce is little different from losing a loved one suddenly in death.  You mourn.  You grieve.  You wonder if you could have saved them.  Only, with divorce… at the end of the day, you see that loved one in the grocery store and you realize that they didn’t die.  They didn’t […]

Hello, My name is Law Momma… and I’m a mom.

There is an over sized, over-zealously colored alphabet mat in my kitchen. There is a Rain Forest swing in my formal dining room, just next to the cherry finished table and across from the china cabinet. Inside that china cabinet, there is my wedding china and crystal along with some pieces of china brought over […]

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