It’s Tricky

Way back in the early 2000’s, when I lived care-free in Orlando, Florida, I worked in a burrito restaurant. I lived in a dirty little apartment with my roommate and a dog, and life consisted of dancing, drinking, and going to work then repeating the cycle again and again. Most of the time, I am […]

Raging against the Dying of… Humanity

First, I am angry. Then, I am sad. Eventually, I make my way back to angry again and I sit there, soaking in the sweat of my disappointment and rage. How did we get here? As a country. How? It’s not just about “respecting the flag” or “locker room talk” or Hollywood moguls and presidential […]

Filling the Minutes

If genetics plays a part, it would seem that I have a lot of life left ahead of me. My Granny was five weeks shy of 99 when she died; her sister will be 97 in June, and my mother’s mother is set to turn 91 this month. I joke with Banks that he’s got […]

Parenting a Toddler is a lot like… Life.

I spend most of my days in the land of threats and promises. “Don’t do that again or I will take away your pacifier.” “If you kick me one more time, we’re not HAVING a birthday party for you.” “Go clean up your toys or no afternoon snack.” These things fly out of my mouth at the speed […]

Being Single…

On Friday afternoon, I called my ex Mother-in-Law and asked if she would be willing to take J for the weekend.  I was feeling sick with a sore throat and stuffy head and to be honest? I was fed up with all the whining, throwing and hitting that was happening on the regular in my […]

The Importance of Being Small

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of changing the world. I thought that to really change the world, I had to be really big, really effing important… a politician, a famous actress, a television personality.  I looked at the people around me who were content to be “small” and I wondered what was […]

Surprisingly Perfect in a Not-So-Perfect Way

This morning I looked around my house, looked at the unmade bed and the borderline sick baby.  I sighed over the sink that needs bleaching and the floor that needs vacuuming.  I rolled my eyes at the hair bunnies, courtesy of my ever-shedding dog, and the Pop Tart crumbs scattered atop the sofa cushions. It […]

Breakfast with J

J didn’t sleep well last night and neither did I.  Granted, Husband took care of J all night, but I kept waking up hearing either J crying or weird sounds from my dreams.  At one point, I was convinced I heard a woman screaming as though she were being attacked.  I jumped out of bed […]

Memory Box Monday

Forgive me for “waxing philosophical” for a bit. This is, after all, my blog. I can do what I want, right? 🙂 This weekend I had to pull out my massive box of old pictures to pour through for a … project… that shall remain nameless. I am not a good organizer so there is […]

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