Father’s Day brought out a whole mess of emotions this year, this first year where we have a stepdad and husband. There were obligatory pancakes and sausage and gifts and cards. There was a little tennis, a little playground time, and some shopping. And then, as evening rolled around, there were tears. So many tears. […]


Last week felt like some sort of “survive and advance” week. Just get out of bed one more time. Just get dressed one more day. Just get to work one more morning. It was as though if I could just get through that one week, everything would be okay. I pasted the pieces of my […]

One Week Later

It’s been one week. One extended ache of a week since I casually walked to the restroom, the sway of my hips proudly announcing “expecting.” It’s been one brief and endless week since I was able to rest a hand against my abdomen, smiling that secret, all-knowing smile of a woman in love with someone […]

The Faces of Pain

I woke up around 2:00 am this morning. Everything hurt and I couldn’t get the image out of my mind of that ridiculous chart hanging on the wall at the hospital. I lay awake for four hours before I got up to cry over a long-awaited cup of coffee, wondering how to circle the way […]

Broken (Warning: Trigger)

It was a busy morning… like all mornings are when you’re juggling getting ready for work with pregnancy, fixing breakfast, and mothering a six year old. There were the normal fights over what to wear (both mine and his) and the battle of “just try one bite or no (insert some sort of bonus)” between […]

Just a Week

Last night, I lay awake long after midnight.  I tossed and turned, courtesy of an over-active brain and too much Mucinex D, and I thought about everything that has changed over the last week… things she will never really know about.  I watched J’s chest rise and fall with each sleepy breath and wondered if […]

Getting Stuck

When I am knee-deep in work or a phone call and J want’s my attention, he works himself into a very tight space and then calls for me: “Mommy! I’m stuck! I need your help!” He’s never really stuck, he’s always quite able to get himself out of whatever situation he’s in, but he refuses […]

Healing… slowly.

Driving back from Columbia, I had an epiphany…. I was letting someone else run my life. It shouldn’t have been surprising; I’d been doing it for awhile.  When I was a kid, I just wanted to be everything my parents expected me to be.  I wanted to be things they never even knew I thought […]

Midnight Madness

My arms are open but my eyes are closed. These arms betray me.  They reach out when I want them to lie still.  They plead with their openness, offering up the unhappy truth that I want too desperately to fall into a familiar embrace.  I want to feel warmth wrapped around me, a safety net […]

The Bags We Carry

I’m not a purse person. There. I said it. I have friends who have virtual crates of Vera Bradley bags stashed under their beds… I’ve never seen the appeal. A bag is just a bag to me. A means to an end. Husband got me a Coach purse when I graduated law school… don’t get […]

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