A Mending of Hearts

I had my first heartbreak when I was a senior in college. I remember calling and calling when it was finally over, wondering what went wrong and how to fix it… isn’t that the way with first heartbreaks? No matter what age?  Looking back, I shudder when I think about how lost I was for […]

Why I am Opposed to NC’s Amendment One

In 1958, a young woman and a young man were married in the District of Columbia.  They married and then returned home to their home state of Virginia, where they were arrested and charged with violating the “Racial Integrity Act” which prohibited a marriage between any white person and any non-white person.  The Loving’s were […]

Help me Punch Cancer in the Face

I want to scream and punch and hit things.  I want to cry until my eyes beg for mercy.  I want to grab a tool box and fix this mess that cancer has created. I want desperately to make something hurt worse than my friend is hurting, worse than I am hurting on her behalf, […]

What Love is About

I’ll admit, I usually (read: pretty much always) fall asleep with my son in my bed.  He likes to “‘nuggle” to go to sleep and I like the sound of his breathing when I wake up in the middle of the night.  Last night I had a few things I wanted to do, so I […]

Be Immortal

In the beginning, there was a dream.  Just a small dream.  A dream of making a difference, making a change, making a small place for myself in the world.  I was small, barely school-aged, and when I closed my eyes to sleep I dreamed about changing the world.  I dreamed about traveling to the farthest […]

Breakfast with J

J didn’t sleep well last night and neither did I.  Granted, Husband took care of J all night, but I kept waking up hearing either J crying or weird sounds from my dreams.  At one point, I was convinced I heard a woman screaming as though she were being attacked.  I jumped out of bed […]

Nine Months

Today? My son, you are nine months old. Nine months. Where did the time go, little man? When did you go from a screaming little 7 pound lump to a playful, flirty, 21 pound chunk of a boy? I didn’t think it was possible to love you any more than I did that first time […]

The Lovely and Talented Tina Tarnoff

First, let me make it clear that I PAID for my Tina Tarnoff necklace. That’s how much I love her. I’m writing this because, well, she’s fantastic. Her art is gorgeous and check this out… seriously? Who sends handwritten thank you’s anymore? That’s how great she is. Not only did the necklace arrive on time […]

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