Monday Rants and Rambles

There are few things that get me as riled up as disrespect… any type of disrespect. I encounter it a lot at home because, you know, my kid is four. I encounter it a lot at work because, you know, I’m a woman… in the South… who’s a lawyer.  I encounter it a lot on […]

This is Life

My mind wanders a bit more these days than it used to. Maybe it’s age or exhaustion or just the wear and tear of single parenting but I like to think it wanders because it is content to meander to and fro. I like to imagine that my mind is curiously happy, exploring the world […]

Then The Real World Crashes In…

The first day back from vacation is always a whirlwind.  You feel rested and ready to tackle basically anything so you do… with a smile.  The paperwork gets completed, the files get organized, and everyone has your undivided attention for whatever they need. Then the second day arrives. Today, it’s like my vacation never happened.  […]

I Hate Pollen. Plus Also My Dogs. (no, not really)

This pollen thing is killing me. I spent the weekend in the great outdoors, planting seeds and watering the garden I’m trying desperately not to kill.  We ate popsicles and rode bikes and walked around the neighborhood.  We picked strawberries and were chased by chickens at a local farm.  We were outside all. weekend. long. […]

Autumn Again

For the past few days, it has finally felt like Fall outside. The leaves in my yard are inexplicably on the ground when just yesterday they clothed the trees, the temperatures are sweetly jacket worthy, and the air has the unmistakeable hint of smoke, wafting from either  preliminary chimney use or burning leaves.  For some […]

When Poison Ivy Attacks… again.

Dear Dr. Dermatology: You may or may not know this, but I’m a single mom with two dogs.  This means that I have the distinct pleasure of being, well, basically covered in grossness at all times when I’m at my home.  If it’s not poop from potty training, it’s poop from cleaning up the back […]

Be Immortal

In the beginning, there was a dream.  Just a small dream.  A dream of making a difference, making a change, making a small place for myself in the world.  I was small, barely school-aged, and when I closed my eyes to sleep I dreamed about changing the world.  I dreamed about traveling to the farthest […]

First World Problems

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with the concept of putting one foot in front of the other.  I know it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.  I know that I’m supposed to be the grown-up, supposed to get dressed and go to work every day, supposed to keep everything running smoothly. But it’s hard […]

Friday Ramble

Doctors should operate more like HVAC mechanics. When I call to get my air conditioner fixed and they come out to fix it and then it breaks again within 24 hours, they don’t charge me to fix it again.  (I should note that I have a home warranty and perhaps that’s why they don’t charge […]

Fire Ants

On Sunday, I worked out in the yard.  On my hands and knees, I ripped row after row of “grass” out from in front of my house, freeing the soft dirt beneath it and feeling the soak of soil against my fingers. I love working out in the yard.  I love pulling on my filthy […]

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