Comfortably Single

I know a lot of divorced moms. It’s a  bonus of writing about, well, BEING a divorced mom and mostly I’ve really enjoyed getting to know these amazing women and celebrating in their accomplishments post marriage.  But one of the drawbacks has been that thing that all women deal with… competition. Only with most of […]

I am Stronger than I Thought.

“I am stronger than I thought.” That’s what the T-shirt said, when I pulled it out of the packing envelope; the one sent to me by my sweet friend in Tennessee.  The note enclosed said it was for completing my first half marathon and there were running shoes just below the quote.  I put it […]

Embracing the New Year

There are moments in your life that stand out, for one reason or another… for good or for bad… and you can choose to ignore them or to wrap your arms around them and embrace them for exactly what they are: Part of who you are or who you’re becoming. In the days that lead […]

Checking Single Off the List

When J had his surgery a few weeks back, they needed information on me before they’d take him back for the procedure.  One of the “routine” questions on the pre-op form was the formerly simple “Marital Status” question.  I say formerly simple because before I was married, I marked “single” and after I was married, […]

The Reality of Me

When you get to a certain age… not old enough to be “old” and still young enough to remember being truly young, you start to reflect on all the different people you’ve been in your life and how they shaped and molded and tweaked you into the person you are today.  It may come as […]

Temporary Insanity

When I first got divorced, I was convinced no man would ever want me in any way ever again.  That feeling faded ever so slowly, leaving me facing the first thoughts of “dating” sometime around the three month mark.  At that point, my decision to “date” was heavily skewed towards revenge… I wanted a hotter […]

Second Dates and Butterflies

For my next trick, I will attempt the death defying “Having a guy over without your child knowing about it.”  It was second date time and though we batted around the idea of going out, when you “go out” as a single mom, it ends up costing everyone.  Sure he pays for the drinks and […]

Weekend Recap

I left work and went home on Friday, nervous and anxious for my date.  The babysitter arrived and I slipped away, driving the short distance to the restaurant where we were meeting.  I got there a few minutes before him and was nervous that I wouldn’t know him when he came in.  It was a […]

I Am Learning… Still.

We tried it before, but it didn’t stick. This time, it’s sticking. J has transitioned back to sleeping in his own bed, or at least to starting the night in his own bed. I am, at the same time, proud and heart broken by his move.  He is growing so big and getting so independant.  […]

The Latin Root is “Mater”

From the moment I gave birth to J, I believed he ran my life. I was his to nurse from, his to summon in the middle of the night, his to direct in play.  I put away all things me and focused on all things him… what did HE need, what did HE want.  I believed […]

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