Being Single…

On Friday afternoon, I called my ex Mother-in-Law and asked if she would be willing to take J for the weekend.  I was feeling sick with a sore throat and stuffy head and to be honest? I was fed up with all the whining, throwing and hitting that was happening on the regular in my […]

Divorced Women are Man Haters (And Other Lies Your Ex May Tell)

Ever since I got divorced, I’ve been the “lucky” recipient of a lot of divorce-related links.  I get sent everything from “How to Win at Divorce” to “Five Things all Divorced Women Say.” The articles are funny and clever and often they make me laugh, but they are about how to re-word slurs on your ex so […]

A Fish: Happily Without a Bicycle

This morning, I was talking to my Ex’s mother about some visitation decisions since she’s sick and can not see J this weekend as planned.  While we were talking, she mentioned a few things about the woman my Ex is currently seeing and then said “I just wish you could meet someone,” with a sigh.  […]


Today, J and I went to a park.  When we arrived, we were the only ones there and the sun was high in the sky.  Rather than sit out in the sweltering heat, we hiked off into the woods and down the trail labeled “Pond.”  It was only about a half mile walk, but we […]

Moving Forward

Last night, my ex-husband wanted to Skype with J.  We called but J wasn’t really interested.  Finally, ex told J he loved him and I told J to say the same.  Instead, J said “No, you tell daddy you love him!” And in one quick moment… in one quick smile… I realized that I no […]


Oh where to begin. I have had the most epic awesomeness of a day in the history of epic awesome days. It started out slowly, just trying to get things in line for my mediations.  Around 10:30, my boss summoned me to her office which made me … slightly nervous.  But wait, what was this? […]

Baby Step Number One

Remember when I told you about the super cute opposing counsel who I made an ass out of myself in front of at our deposition?  For a refresher, check here. So yeah, after that display of insanity, you would think that any normal person would run screaming, right?  Only here’s the thing… he didn’t run […]

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