I Am Not Sorry For What I Am

I’ve gone back and forth about posting this, but ultimately I decided to stop lurking in the shadows and trying not to piss people off and just say what I think. So this is me, climbing way out on an unpopular limb to announce that I am sick and tired of seeing articles that announce […]

My Eyes Are Open

This morning, my son made himself toast with butter for breakfast. He made it all by himself and my GOD I want to be thinking of that milestone and celebrating that milestone and being the mom who is so caught up in the amazing intricacies of my son’s life that I can’t be bothered with […]

Talkin’ Bout Revolution

I don’t know these days, guys. I just don’t know. Yesterday, I was privileged enough to ride a bus up to Atlanta to see the Capitol and schmooze a bit with some politicians. We arrived for a photo op with the Governor and promptly waited around an hour for our turn to stand on steps […]

Monday Rants and Rambles

There are few things that get me as riled up as disrespect… any type of disrespect. I encounter it a lot at home because, you know, my kid is four. I encounter it a lot at work because, you know, I’m a woman… in the South… who’s a lawyer.  I encounter it a lot on […]

The State of the Union

Just this week, Facebook has informed me that politicians in North Carolina are trying to establish the unconstitutionality of, well, the Constitution… with a measure to establish a state religion.  An Attorney General in Virginia is pushing to get the courts to reconsider the unconstitutionality of a law making sodomy illegal.  The United States Supreme […]

Why “I Don’t Know How You Do It” Should Come Out of Your Vocabulary

When I was newly single, I read a blog post by another single mother that discussed her disdain with the whole “I don’t know how you do it” comment that we get… well… ALL the time.  When I read it, I was sort of taken aback because, why would you be upset that people recognize […]

Why I am Opposed to NC’s Amendment One

In 1958, a young woman and a young man were married in the District of Columbia.  They married and then returned home to their home state of Virginia, where they were arrested and charged with violating the “Racial Integrity Act” which prohibited a marriage between any white person and any non-white person.  The Loving’s were […]

Jesus Loves Me

I try to stay far away from the news when it’s an election year.  I don’t like campaign commercials, I hate political propaganda and I despise all the money that is wasted on attempted brain-washing of the American people.  But this GOP race has gone on so long and so noisily, that I have had […]

Where I Don’t Talk about Penn State

I am not going to talk about Penn State. What I am going to talk about is the problem we seem to have in this country with victims.  Rape victims, domestic abuse victims, child abuse victims…. we have issues with victims.  And while I’m not sure exactly why that is, I think it’s because victims […]

“Personhood” should only be for People.

There is a movement called Personhood USA.  It is a “movement” to designate that life begins at the moment of fertilization. I bring this up for a few very important reasons… first and foremost because no matter what your position is on abortion, this movement is ridiculous. And I do not use that word lightly.  […]

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