Terrible Two Year Old

My toddler chucked a juice cup at my head this morning.  While I was driving. He then proceeded to cry for a good fifteen minutes because he no longer had any juice to drink. The mood swings? I AM OVER THEM.  This is like living with a menopausal woman or a tiny alzheimer’s patient.  I […]

Toddlers without Tiaras

Mothering a toddler might be the most fun I’ve ever had. Ever. There is no other job in the world that comes with these perks. No other job where your boss asks you out of the blue, with a tilted head, if you like lions and if green ones are your favorite.  When I told J that we […]

It’s not Cola…

J is taking a medication that upsets his stomach. And I mean, it REALLY upsets his stomach. Yesterday, he was curled up in my bed for nap time, happily reading his books and staying nice and quiet for the better part of an hour.  Finally, around 1:00, he asked if he could get up and […]

Yellow Sheets, Take Two

When my husband first moved out, I found a set of bright yellow sheets in the back of a closet that had never been used.  I placed them on the bed and reminisced about what I thought when I bought those sheets and how so much had changed since then.  I wept for the loss […]

The Universal Truths of Toddlers

Parenting a two year old is a full time job.  It’s both hands, both feet, both eyes at all times.  So if you’re closing in on the realm of true toddlerdom, allow me to share with you what I like to call my five “Not-so-Universal Not-so-True Truths of Parenting a Toddler.” The reason for most […]

Welcome to the Imagi Nation

I loved having a baby.  I loved all the snuggles and the little noises he would make when he was waking up or hungry.  I loved that he was… you know, portable.  Sure, there were a lot of things I didn’t like about the age of babydom… but those things have been softly muted by […]

Enunciate, please.

Last night, J woke up in the middle of the night. First, he called for a different pacifier. Then he called for more milk. Then, he started saying something on repeat that sounded almost exactly as though he were saying “F_CK.” I listened closer. Still sounded like that.  I took the pacifier out of his […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Over the past few weeks, something terrible has happened. It started so slowly that I didn’t really notice; just a small change here or there, nothing to alert the press to…  No reason to call for service, no reason to get maintenance on the line.  It was just a blip here and there.  I started […]

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